Students will learn how to create an electromagnet and gain an understanding of how it operates.
Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Students will learn how to make an electromagnet.
2.Students will be able to describe the different elements that make the magnet work.
3.Students will be able to identify key terms associated with the magnets operation
Materials and Aids-
1 Nail, 1 Length of Insulated Copper Wire, 1 Battery, 1 Box of Paper Clips, 1 Permanent Magnet


Students will be shown a Permanent Magnet and explained of it's workings. Then the materials for the electromagnet will be introduced.


The basic assemblage of the Electromagnet will be performed and explained, going into detail of the reasons as to how the magnet works. Also that all wires with live current have a small magnetic force. The differences between permanent and temporary magnets will be explained.


The Magnet, having been assembled will be used on a pile of paper clips to display the ability to magnetically attract various metal objects.

Checking for understanding-

The students will be asked ways in which the magnet may be made stronger based on the details covered in the previous categories.


Students will be told about various other electromagnets in the world and ways they are used in society today.

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