Effective and socially appropriate communication and review of our acceptable and unacceptable behaviors
Goals: Aims/Outcomes- appropriate behaviors for campus inappropriate behaviors for campus
3.discuss socially appropriate ways to communicate
4.discuss zero threats and safe practices
1.students will role play situations that explore social situations
2. Students will acknowledge the guidelines for socially appropriate behaviors
3.Students will discuss the serious nature of inappropriate communication (threats, etc.)
4. Students will read from the many nominations of socially appropriate moments (acts of generosity, compliance, diligence, moderation) throughout the week (most nominated wins "Student of the Week")
Materials and Aids-
Student workbooks, dry erase board, space for role plays, "votes" materials, icebreaker activities

A. Introduction-

1.introduce guests
2.icebreaker questions (this week we will pass out reflection questions)
3. Allow Barry (Helen Ross McNabb Counselor) to share his insight for the week
4.look at point totals in class dojo (compare progress to date, positive percentages)

B. Development-

1.discuss/read appropriate behaviors
2.discuss/read inappropriate behaviors
3.Review levels and shut down guidelines

C. Practice- through role plays
2.discuss role-plays
3.informally assess the repercussions of socially appropriate or socially inappropriate behaviors when communicating

D. Independent Practice-

1.have students check the boxes in the 1st role play situation
2.have students check the boxes in the 2nd role play situation
3.have students check the boxes in the 3rd/4th role play situations

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)- to one support for emotional moments or mood instability
2.allow use of cooling off zone
3.allow walk and talk with counselor or teacher

F. Checking for understanding-

3.written input in notebooks

G. Closure- the student nominations
2.elect a student of the week award additional 100 school store points and give certificate

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