Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Let's Find a Friend
2. The Name Song
3. Classroom Rules
1.To discuss the importance of friends
2.To learn about our classroom friends
3.To talk about ways to be a good friend

A. Introduction-

1.Will I Have a Friend - Miriam Cohen and Lillian Hoban
2.Chrysanthemum-Kevin Henkes
3.Little Blue and Little Yellow - Leo Lionni

B. Development-

Will you be a friend of mine, Friend of mine, friend of mine? Will you be a friend of mine? and (choose an action) around with me?
hop, crawl, dance, walk, run, march, jump, etc.

C. Practice-

Rules: 1. use you walking feet. 2. Use your inside voice. 3. Be kind to each other.

D. Independent Practice-

Week plan The Kissing Hand -
Audrey Penn - ART On a large piece of construction paper each child makes a red handprint with paint (handprint goes at the top). As the handprints dry I have the children draw a family portrait on a smaller piece of paper. If time allows, I always like to have the kids bring their portraits to the carpet and share at least one thing about their drawing.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Parent Letter - Discussing friends. Could you as a family complete a friend project together. Please decorate this heart with magazine pictures of photos that tell us what your family lives to do. Families and friends enjoy many of the same things.

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