Helping our classroom become a better place
Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
My goal is to have my students become better people to the other students in the classroom and school as well as have better behavior.
1. Students will volunteer to assist a limited-English-speaking student with her lessons.
2. Students will participate in class meetings about student behavior.
Materials and Aids-
Document Camera

A. Introduction-

Introduce the lesson by having a big class meeting about student behavior. Ask questions about what the meaning of behavior is and what they consider to be good and bad behavior.

B. Development-

After the discussion about good and bad behaviors, ask the students to come up with ideas that will help promote good behavior in your classroom. Don't form these into specific rules but make sure they know that these behaviors are good things to do everyday. Using the document camera, have the students discuss what they think good behaviors in the classroom should be. Then post it in the classroom for everybody to see. Next, tell the students that they will get to practice these good behaviors by helping out another 1st grader in the class with her lessons.

C. Practice-

The first grader is a new student who has limited English speaking capabilities. I will talk to the students and discuss how she may not exactly know what I am always talking about because she grew up learning a different language. I will have the students take turns each week to help her out with her school work. What I will have them do is simply show the student actual models of what we are talking about. For example, if we are talking about a chair, I will have the student helper show the new student what "chair" is in English so that they can better understand.

D. Independent Practice-

To practice what I was teaching, I will group the children into pairs. Then, I will give each group the same object. Next, I will act like I am teaching about that object and have one student show the other student exactly what I am talking about. Then I will have them switch and the other group member will show what I am talking about.

Checking for understanding-

I will use informal assessment to watch and see if my students understand how to help out other students. I will also use informal assessment to listen to the discussions about student behaviors.


In the end, I will have the students give me back the objects I gave them and return to their desks.

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