Grade: 7th
Subject: Civics
America During the Revolutionary War
Minutemen- members of the American militia prepared to fight at all times.

Second Amendment- the right to bear arms.

Diplomacy- the practice of carrying on formal relationships with governments of other countries.

Surrender at Yorktown- General Cornwallis' final surrender in the Revolutionary war.

Treaty of Paris- peace treaty signed that ended the war.

Expected Outcome Of This Lesson Plan-
1. To inform students on the major events during the Revolutionary War.
2. To explain the factors that resulted in American victory.
3. To relate the historical material to the present day issue of the second amendment.
4. To discuss the impact the war had internationally and in the future.
Teacher Objectives-
1. Complete class participation in discussion.
2. 100% student retainment of material.
PowerPoint Presentation
Teaching Methods-

1. Lesson Introduction-

1. Pull out materials for class (paper, pencil).
2. Bell Work that is based on material from previous classes.
3. After going over the Bell work we will begin the PowerPoint presentation.

2. Lesson Progression-

The focus of the presentation is not to develop student note-taking skills. Instead this activity promotes student critical thinking skills and evaluation of material. Also students will be expected to participate in class discussion.

3. Guided Practice-

1. During the presentation of the material, students will be asked questions that reference the material and questions that involve critical thinking. If students struggle with the material the teacher will ask questions that help guide the students to the correct answers.

4. Student Practice-

1. Students will complete the handout.


5. Learner Accommodations-

1. Some students will recieve a printed copy of the slide show to help facilitate the understanding of material.

6. Assessment-

1. The final slides of the presentation are made up of review questions. The questions will insure that students have grasped the material presented.

7. Lesson Closure-

1. Discuss handouts.
2. Ask students about living during the Revolutionary War.


Measuring Student Progress-
1. Evaluation will strictly be based on student involvement and retainment of the material. To insure all students understand the lesson, the teacher should call on all students, not just those with their hands raised.
2. The following day's Bell Work will ask a question related to the PowerPoint material.

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