The Great Depression
Actions toward resolution of The Great Depression
Models Used: Memorization, Direct Instruction, Cooperative Learning
1. TSW identify the different components of both New Deals.
2. TSW memorize the acts in The First New Deal and the Second New Deal, using memorization techniques (i.e. acronyms)
3. TSW recall all acts of the New Deals, when quizzed by a partner.
Materials and Aids-
Writing Utensils
Primary Resources (fireside chats and advertisements)


1. TTW introduce the various primary resources, which students will use to identify the key acts in each new deal.
2. TTW break students into two groups, assigning one New Deal to each group.
3. TTW instruct students to use the provided primary resources in order to identify all four acts in their assigned New Deal. TTW explain that once identified, TSW create an acronym, as a group, which will help them remember the acts in the Deal.


1. TSW utilize provided primary resources to identify four acts in the First New Deal and the Second New Deal.
2. As a group, TSW create an acronym in order to memorize the acts in their deal.
3. TSW present the acronym to the class.
4. TSW record the acronyms and acts of both deals, on the handout provided.

Independent Practice-

1. After memorizing the acronyms, TSW break into pairs or groups of three. (There should be at least one group member from each New Deal group)
2. TTW instruct students to quiz each other on the acronyms and what act each letter represents.
3. As a group, TSW complete a personal "information card" recording the acronyms and acts in each deal. These cards can be taken home and used for future homework assignments.

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. Students struggling with time will be given teacher aid when learning acronyms.
2. Early finishers will be given the opportunity to complete the homework assignment in class, while waiting for entire class to finish activity.
3. Early finishers also might be assigned to memorize the acts using a different memorization strategy (match each act to a silly phrase)

Checking for understanding-

1. Handout completed in class
2. Teacher observation of memorization strategy use
3. Submitted homework handout detailing the aspects of an individual act
4. Information cards completed by students during group work


1. TTW ask students who was impacted by each act, and also reiterate the acronyms (memorization strategies) used to memorize the acts of both deals.
2. For homework, TTW assign every student an individual act.
3. TSW research the assigned act and record three interesting facts.
4. TSW also explain how this act impacted the resolution of The Great Depression.

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