Subject: Western Culture
1. Topic-
Overview of the Course
2. Content-
Teacher intro
Get to know students expectations
Requirements of the course
Group work activity to test compatibility
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Help students to understand who the teacher is
2. Find out what the students want to learn
3. Weed out weak students
4. View how well students work in groups
4. Objectives-
1. Students should be able to remember most facts about the teacher
2. Students will complete a survey telling what they want to learn
3. Some students should recognize that this is not an easy course. It will require a good grasp of English + public speaking + group work.
4. All students should be seen contributing to the group activity
5. Materials and Aids-
1 Syllabus for teacher's reference only.
90 Surveys.
5 - 10 Cultural situation topics for group activity.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Ask "What is Western Culture?"
2. Ask a student "Which countries make up Western Culture?"
3. What is Western Culture lifestyle like? What is Eastern Culture lifestyle like?

B. Development-

1.Western Culture and Eastern Culture are part real and part opinion
2. Once separate, now mixed.
3. A goal in this course to separate and simplify the ideas of Western and Eastern Culture through comparison.
4. Introduce myself. John introduces himself.

C. Practice-

1. Give out surveys to learn about students.
2.Give requirements of class:
- Must speak English and understand English
- Must do public speaking
- Must do a large group presentation (a lot of work)
- Be on time
- Participate in discussions
- Take many notes
- Work well in groups.
- Your groups will grade you.
- Review syllabus requirements.

Independent Practice-

Group Activity

Checking for understanding-

1. Read surveys
2. Make note of group work and how students participated with each other.


1. Thank the students for participation. That is just a small portion of what we will do in this class. If they are uncomfortable or can't cope with the requirements, maybe they should consider a different class.
2. Tell them to come next week with notebook and writing materials and ready to participate.

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