Subject: Challenge and Change
1. Topic-
Sociological Theories About Social Change
2. Content-
Understanding factors that may cause or influence social change

Understand tension and adaptation, accumulation, diffusion of innovation, pluralistic societies, elite groups, capitalism, core, periphery, semi-periphery, private sphere, discourse, textual discourse
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Understand what sociology is and what sociologists study

2. Understand the 12 key concepts and be able to relate them to 2010

3. Understand the 3 sociologists' and their beliefs and relate them to today's society
Materials and Aids-
PowerPoint slideshow
YouTube video's

A. Introduction-

1. Introduce "Sociology" and it's definition. Explain what sociologists do, who they study and what kind of questions do they ask.

2. Show a picture of a teenage couple from the 1960's and a picture of a teenage couple in 2010. Ask for some differences that they can think of between the two couples then and now.

3. Discuss what questions a sociologist would ask about teen couples back then compared to now and what would they'd be interested to find out. Also ask what could the study tell sociologists about the future.

Independent Practice-

1. Work on sheets, pg. 1-4 and answer all questions

2. Make their own key terms dictionary

3. Make a comparison organizer showing the beliefs, similarities and differences between all 3 sociologists

Checking for understanding-

1. Discuss answers to the questions on the worksheets.

2. Have a discussion about a group today that would be of interest to a sociologist and what would they be interested to find out?

3. Introduce "Sister Wives". Discuss what polygamy is about and as a sociologist what questions would you ask about the Brown family and what would you be interested to find out?

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