1. Topic-
The Daily Newspaper (Uses in your life)
2. Content-
Using the index; making connections to daily life; learning from current events; reinforce 'editorial', regional, national, international, local, classified, obituary, features, reviews, etc.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.reinforce the "Reading Reasons" #5 Reading Makes You Smarter)
3.reinforce need for a 'free press'
4. Objectives-
1.DRV/ERV 1.02 --preview features and organizational patterns of print and non-print text using a variety of strategies
2.DRV/ERV 1.07 --clarify and consolidate understanding using a variety of strategies (connect self to text, etc.)
3.DRV/ERV 2.02 --be familiar with text forms commonly used in everyday life and in the workplace (newspaper)
4.DRV/ERV 2.03 select and read appropriate and challenging materials to develop their personal independent reading skills and interests
5.DRV/ERV 3.03 identify strengths, areas for improvement and next steps in refining their reading and viewing skills
5. Materials and Aids-
The Windsor Star
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Agenda on Board
2.Students pick up paper on their way in; begin discussing 'Did you see in today's paper...'
3.We've been enjoying the newspaper a couple of times a week over the course of the year. As a result of your experience, how would you say that your life can benefit from daily newspaper reading?

B. Development-

1.Balanced Literacy Plan: Reading Together (Read a story from the paper to them.)
2.Identify something I learned from this article: a bizarre fact, vocabulary word, geographical place, name of a disease, etc.
3.Balanced Literacy: Shared Writing Write my list on the board

C. Practice-

1.Balanced Literacy: Guided Reading Have a student select an article and read it or summarize it for us (5W's)
2.Have students suggest things that are learned from that article
3.add their suggestions to the list

D. Independent Practice-

Balanced Literacy: Read to Self Everyone reads on his/her own and prepares to share something s/he learned from the article (add to list on the board)

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.Dallas will communicate through interpreter
2.students using computers may use them to keep notes
3.students who would prefer to make notes about their observations first may write them before suggesting them on the board
4.Class Agenda will be posted and adhered to in order to assist learners who are hearing impaired/ADD

F. Checking for understanding-

1.How can you benefit today from this information?
2.How can other people benefit?
3.What skills have you learned about newspaper reading that helped you to navigate the newspaper today?

G. Closure-

1.Please use a marker to highlight the three most significant pieces of information you listed today which make you feel smarter or better informed than you were before you read the paper
2.Please write a few sentences about what you struggled with in reading the paper today (vocabulary, topics that were unfamiliar, finding the continuation of a story, etc.)
3.In which sections of the paper did you find the information that you were most interested in reading?
7. Evaluation-
1.What kinds of information did each student record on his 'card'? How insightful does his/her analysis appear to be regarding the impact of this knowledge on his/her life?
2.Can s/he identify the strategies s/he used to find the needed information and access it quickly?

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