1. Topic-
Using the Census to Focus on the Future
2. Content-
Census data are used to make a wide variety of federal, tribal, state,
and local decisions that affect all U.S. residents. The U.S. Census Bureau needs to spread the word about the importance of filling in and returning
the Census 2010 form.
1.Students will recognize the importance of the census and the need to advertise this importance.
2.Students will identify the potential concerns of different segments of the population.
3. Students will design an advertisement for Census 2010.
Materials and Aids-
Census Ad's (print or online)

A. Introduction-

1.Discuss with students the importance of getting involved in their community and helping to increase census awareness.
2.Explain that conducting a decennial census is a tremendous undertaking. When people don't return their forms by mail, the U.S. Census Bureau must hire employees to knock on doors and record the census information

B. Development-

1.Brainstorm the importance of responding to the census and the ways in which census data affect our nation's future.
Examples include:
apportioning representation in the House of Representatives; allocating money for education, transportation, and other services.
2. Students will develop census ads. The goal
is to choose a specific segment of the population
as their target audience and encourage them to
return their census forms, thereby helping the
Census Bureau achieve an accurate count of the
nation's population.

C. Practice-

1. Distribute copies of Handout 1.
2. Divide students into small groups to work on Handout 1.
3. Volunteers from each group can share how they think the U.S. Census data might affect household categories.
4. Next, student groups will design their own ad for the U.S. Census. They may choose to do a print, radio, or TV ad. If they create a print ad, there must be a visual element. If they create a radio ad, there must be a script. If they create a TV ad there must be a script and visual element (ex. storyboard)

Checking for understanding-

Have each group present their ads. For each ad, a group spokesperson should explain the segment of the population they targeted and the reasoning they used when designing their ad for that category.


Invite students to use their advertisement viewing experience to analyze various ads. At what target audience are these ads aimed? How can you tell?

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)