1. Topic-
Abolition of slavery in the United States
2. Content-
Slavery, Abolition
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
The student is expected to: create an avatar that will represent them as on of the slaves.
Students will be able to design a specific slavery outfit for himself.
Students will be able to go to the museum and explore history about slavery.
Students will be able to react the situations of the past slaves.
4. Objectives-
After the Students have created their avatar, the will be able to create their own community, interact with each other, and be able to experience a period of history as when they are happening with virtual world.
They will be able to interact to each other about situations they encounter as slaves.
5. Materials and Aids-
Computers, Internet access, mission US, headphones, smart board, and notebooks,
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

She will introduce the topic of the lesson.
Explain to the Students how to create their own avatar.
They will find retail stores where they can purchase absolutely anything, they could use Linden dollar to buy things that they would find in the real world for their community.
Students can exercise their creativity and open stores where they sell clothing they have designed or other unique items.


B. Development-

The teacher will divide the class in groups and ask them to shear their experiences.

C. Practice-

The teacher will then allow the Students to go on a vocabulary hunt in the library to look for new words in relation to slavery ex Amistad. This will build up their vocabulary and give them the opportunity of being in a virtual library as if it was real.

D. Independent Practice-

the Students will be able to shop fro the things that they need from the store. They will be able to communicate to each other to solve their problems.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Instead of reading from the history book, Students will have the opportunity to go to the virtual library and read any book that they want.

F. Checking for understanding-

by creating their own avatar, Students will have the opportunity to be in the real world setting while in their classroom.

G. Closure-

As the Students finish up their role play experience, the teacher will bring them back together for another discussion. This time, instead of asking about their encounter separately, she will ask the Students to shear their comments together. The teacher will then ask questions about slavery and new words of the day.
7. Evaluation-
As the Students work, the teacher will have a notepad and simply take notes while walking around on how they are doing. The teacher will join the groups and create his own avatar to become one of the Students this will give him the knowledge of how and what they are doing. Closure of the lesson is also an assessment to see if the Students can generalize the knowledge into the real life. The lesson is set up to be an ongoing assessment based on observations as the children work. Another, more formal assessment, would be for the Students to meet one on one with the teacher and do a project together. Ex: the teacher would have them in two groups one will be the slaves and the other group not and they will alternate after each session.
8. Teacher Reflection-
the teacher will regroup the Students to allow the once that needs help to benefit by assign a leader to work with the Students that need help. The special Students will be given extra time and extra help.

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