Subject: American History
1. Topic-
Founding the Colonies
2. Content-
Lesson 1

Jamestown, VA
The "Starving Time"
Virginia Company
Lord De La Warr
Captain John Smith
Powhatan (1) (2)
John Rolfe
headright system
House of Burgesses
royal colony
George Calvert
Maryland Toleration Act
(1) (2) - 1649
indentured servant
Gov. William Berkeley
Nathaniel Bacon

3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
What were the goals and motivations behind English colonization of the Chesapeake?
Why was the survival rate so low for the English settlers of early Virginia?
What was the headright system? How did this policy promote British migration to the New World?
What was the nature of the early relationship between the Virginia colonists and the local native Indian tribes? What happened in 1622 that changed that relationship?
How did the introduction of tobacco to the Chesapeake region affect the colony of Virginia?
Explain the system of indentureship. What was life like for indentured servants?
Why did indentured servants become important to the early Virginia economy and society?
How did the evolution of the Virginia colony between 1607 and 1625 reveal the impact of New World conditions on aims and expectations?
Why was Maryland founded? How did it differ from the Virginia colony?
What problems plagued the Maryland colony?
What powers did a proprietor have?
What was the role of the "back-country" settlements in the early colonial Chesapeake region?
Why were the back-country settlers such an annoyance to the colonial government?
Why did Bacon's Rebellion occur in 1675-1676?
What impact did this Rebellion have on African slavery?

A. Introduction-


B. Development-

Hands On

C. Practice-


D. Independent Practice-


E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Small Group

F. Checking for understanding-

Whole Group

G. Closure-

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7. Evaluation-

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