1. Topic-
Where in the United States is our Community?
2. Content-
Cardinal Directions
Compass Rose
Statue of Liberty
The Everglades
Mount Rushmore
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Students will be able to locate their community and state on a map
2.Students will be able to identify the cardinal directions
3.Students will be able to locate The Statue of Liberty, The Everglades, and Mount Rushmore in relation to their own community
Materials and Aids-
*Student Journals
*PowerPoint of locations
Interactive white board or other form of projection
*Students Atlases


A. Introduction-

1. As we talked about in the last chapter, a community is the place you live. What is the name of our Community? Can you point it out on a map?
2. People use maps all the time when we travel. Maps show us the directions to travel. We use cardinal directions to help us travel north, south, east, and west.
3. Today we are going to find our community on a map of the United States and compare it to other communities.

B. Development-

1. Take a look at journal page 12. Who knows where the Statue of Liberty is located. Allow for student responses. Show students the Statue of Liberty using Google Earth. Have the students locate the Statue of Liberty in their student atlases. Next have the students measure the distance from Grand Forks to the Statue of Liberty. Explain to the class that a map is a scale image of the land. For every inch that we measure, it is going to represent 500 miles. Complete packet pages 12&13. Remind students that a compass rose helps us to determine directions. Use the compass rose when determining directions.

C. Practice-

As a class, complete the same steps for the Everglades and Mount Rushmore. Fill in packet pages 14-17 together.

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Adam will complete the assignment with the assistance of his Para.

Checking for understanding-

Students will be assesses on proper completion of the packet pages as well as classroom participation.


Today we learned about a few famous landmarks in other states. Have any of you traveled to any other famous landmarks? Which state was it in? If time allows, have students write responses on the back of their packets.

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