Subject: Geography
1. Topic-
Cultures of the World- Festival Project
2. Content-

This is an assignment that is to be completed primarily at home, with the exception of any class time I have extra that the students may use to do Internet research. The students will be assigned a Festival or Celebration from somewhere in the world. They are to research the festival and create a poster board showcasing the celebration with photos as well as a report with information on the event, such as who? what? where? (by giving both relative and absolute location) and why?. Students will be gave a sheet showing requirements as well as a grading rubric. When turning assignment in, each student will give a brief summary of their event and mark the location of their event on a world map.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. To better understand the connection of geography and culture.
2. To recognize the different way people celebrate.
3. To raise awareness and create a better understanding of other cultures.
4. Objectives- and contrast one's own culture with those of other children around the world. SS.7.G.3
2.identify and describe the visible and invisible features of culture.
3.Respect the differences between themselves and other children. SS.7.G.3
4. To location the location of the event using relative and absolute location. SS7.G.1
6. To understand the relationship between human life and the geographic features and landforms. SS.7.G.4
5. Materials and Aids-
Pre-cut names of different festivals/celebrations around the world.
Rubric for final project
One poster board
Supplies at home to create a posterboard with photos, etc.
PowerPoint presentation of different festivals and celebrations around our state and nation.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Bring attention of different famous festivals around our state and around the United States.
2.Bring attention to the differences in these celebrations, highlighting the purpose of the celebration, the geographic location, geographic landforms associated with the celebration, religions associated with each celebrations, etc.
3.Introduce assignment. Each student is to complete a project on a festival or celebration around the world. I will allow them to chose out of a bowl of preselected events I have researched and chosen.

B. Development-

1.Children are shown a PPT of different festivals and celebrations around our state and nation. Focus being gave to geographic regions, culture and religions of partakers.
2.Each child is allowed to spend the remainder of today's class period researching their festival. The rest of the work is to be completed at home and turned it an my designated date.
3.Children are gave handout of what is required to be on the final project as well as a rubric for grading.

C. Practice-

1.I will inform students that I am available for any questions they may have on their selected festival.
2.Students will begin research on their project and advised of requirements and grading process.

D. Independent Practice-

Students are to work from home on their project.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Any student having problems finding any information/photographs of their selection may come to me and I will help them.

F. Checking for understanding-

1. When due date of assignment comes, each student will present their project to the class with a brief summary of their festival.
2. Unit test will contain questions about culture and festivals as well as a one paragraph essay question on what they learned or found interesting on the festival they were assigned.

G. Closure-

1. Select projects will be displayed in the classroom.
2.Re-emphasize the cultural differences we share with others in the world as well as the connection between culture and geography.

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