1. Topic-
Pre-WW I
2. Content-
1. Underlying Causes of the War:
Nationalism, Imperialism, Alliances, Arms Race
Serbs, Pacific Rim
2. Immediate Causes of the War:
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife
Gavrillo Princip
Economic Strife
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Identify causes of World War I
2. Describe the events that led to U.S. Involvement in World War I
4. Objectives-
1. Identify the major causes of unrest in Europe
2. Discuss the results of the strategy that was used during the early fighting in the war
3. Explain why the war settled in a stalemate
4. Relate the challenges the United States faced while trying to remain neutral
5. Identify the events that led to U.S. Entry into World War I
6. Explain how the U.S. prepared its military for World War I
7. Describe how the U.S. government prepared the nation for war
8. Discuss how organized labor and volunteers contributed to the war effort
9. Explain why African-Americans moved to the North
10. List the final events of World War
11. Identify the goals of President Wilson's Fourteen Points
12. Summarize the terms of the Treaty of Versailles
5. Materials and Aids-
White Board
Markers/Dry Erase Materials
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen Boys and Girls
Welcome to the lecture which will give an in-depth look into the causes of the "The Great War" This war was also known as "The war to end all wars" And it certainly involved enough of the world to do it. Today we will explore the causes of WW I, the outcomes of the War, and the reasons the United States of America remained impartial but then later joined the war and the impact the war had on our country.

B. Development-

1.This is a lecture based lesson that is presented in PowerPoint format. Handouts from the PowerPoint can be provided.
2.Information will be explained and elaborated upon to help students gain a full and important understanding of the political, regional, and continental implications of the causes of war.
3.This lesson was created using Boyer's The American Nation Text Book

C. Practice-

1. Students will be monitored during the lecture for their ability to remain engaged and ask and answer questions relevant to note-taking
2. Notebooks will be checked for consistency and accuracy of information

D. Independent Practice-

Students will be given homework assignments with which to answer questions related to PowerPoint Lecture with which notes can be used

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

To be addressed on an individual basis with the assistance and suggestions of the guidance counselor(s) input or any IEP.

1.Specific needs regarding extended time when taking tests
2.Preferred seating, or physical restrictions
3.Any other requirements based on 504 requirements

F. Checking for understanding-

1. There will be 20 question quiz at the end of this assignment
2.Students MUST pass the quiz which is worth 75% of the total grade
3.Quiz grades will be handed back to students with a brief note regarding their knowledge of the subject matter.
4.Homework will be graded at 25% and added to the final score of this lesson.
5. A final grade of 75% overall must be met , or additional written assignments will be given

G. Closure-

1.The teacher will post the average class grade with the top grade and low grade (no information on students)
2.The students will be offered tutoring sessions if anyone feels the need to have more instruction

7. Evaluation-
1. Students who complete the course and score 75% or greater on the quiz will be considered to have a mastery level of ability in the study of history and be allowed to move on to the next lessons available
2.Those who are required to complete written work due to low grade will be evaluated pending the grading of the additional work.
3. A teacher evaluation form will be completed by each student and any observing teachers
4. Evaluations will include Tutor participation also
8. Teacher Reflection-
To be completed at the end of this lesson

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