1. Topic-
Travel Around the World
2. Content-
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Students will learn new vocabulary

2.Students will be able to locate specific areas (Countries, towns, cities) on a map.

3.Students will learn about different cultures.

4. Objectives-
1.Students in groups will select a pet.

2. Students in groups will select a destination (country and city/town).

3. Students will create travel journals, accompanied with pictures and diaries.
5. Materials and Aids-
1. Access to Internet

2.Access to Encyclopedias.

3.Access to Atlas.

4.Large maps (world, local, or states).
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Ask students to name a place or places they recently visited. Accept all answers.

2.Write responses from the children on the board as a reference for student expectations.

3.Ask students to talk with their neighbors about what they did at a specific place they visited.

4.Ask students to think about and write down what they would tell someone who was visiting for the first time in that place what they should do or see. Then group into fours and discuss.

5.Students will then learn that they are going to be animals visiting these destinations. They will be finding cool and interesting facts about their destination, and places to see and visit.


1.After grouped into fours,students will have a few animal pictures to choose from. They will decide as a group on one animal.

2.After the animal is chosen, they will receive pictures of destinations. As a group they will decide a destination.

3.The group will then receive a map.

4.Each group has to find where their country or state is located on the map.

5.Each person in the group will pick a town or city in the country/state.

6.Each student will make use of: The Internet, Atlas, Encyclopedia,books, and magazines to research.

7.Students will write about what they would do as "tourists" in that specific town or city.

8. As they research students will be given journals for note taking.

9. After all research and note taking is done students will gather in groups to discuss their findings.

10. Each student will write a diary entry about what their animal saw and did during their stay in the specified place.


Independent Practice-

1. Each group will receive a large paper which they can paste on drawings of what they did in their town, diary/journal entries of what their animal explored.
Titles and authors of books they found can also be drawn on the groups paper as well.


1.Each group will have a spot in the room where they can showoff their posters.

2.Students will have the chance to walk around and visit each groups poster and answer questions for each group. They can also take notes,comments, or write down their own questions.

3.When everyone has had a chance to see each others work each group will have the opportunity to discuss their findings, what their animals did in each town, and answer any questions.

4. When the students are sharing their stories they can use the overhead projector to show where their town and country is located on the map.

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)