Subject: Modern European History
1. Topic-
Women in Post Soviet Russia and the challenges that they faces.
2. Content-
The transitioning of women and gender in post Soviet Russia.
-Internet Bride
-Soviet Union
-The Soviet Woman's Committee
-The "Woman Question"
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Exploring the rights women had during the Soviet Union and the way they changed after the fall.

2.How did world views change regarding Eastern European women after the fall of the iron curtain?

3.Do Russian women perceive themselves a certain way?
4. Objectives-
1. Get an understanding of what students understand about the Soviet Union and communism already.
2.Clearly explain terms and ideas and get feedback and opinions about the topic from students.
5. Materials and Aids-
-Interview with Russian, U.S. Immigrant "Elena".
6. Procedures/Methods-


1. a. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 the lives of the Russian people changed dramatically. Land was lost. Government aid lessened more and more. A whole way of life to a generation was gone. When I asked "Elena" who is 25 if life had changed for the better or for worse in her community she said that "her father saw life as being more stable". "He was trained by the government to be a contractor and made a comfortable living for our family."

2.The "Women Question" (where woman's role in society really laid)was supposedly solved during the Soviet Union declaring men and women as equal citizen.
3. Women were still reminded of their natural roles and responsibilities as mothers and homemakers. They were given lower status and lower paid jobs.


1. In present day Russia it's still seen that in the medical field men make 50% more than women do.
2. In the 1990s unemployment benefits went down along with most government aid which so many people depended on. This led to prostitution and organized crime surrounded it. (Prostitution was seen as being socially deviant in Socialist Russia and was highly punished.)
3.Many women were lured in to fake modeling scams.

Independent Practice-

1.Understanding the role of women in rural household society.
-Did their domestic roles change?
-How did the role of women change politically and economically in places such as Siberia and other outlying villages in the new Russia?
2.Homework. Living Gender after Communism
Johnson, Janet Elise Robinson, Jean C.
-Read and give a 100 word evaluation on each chapter.
3. Questions and reading assignment due December 13.


Asking the opinion of the class and if they clearly understand everything.
Reflect on the reaction of the class and their participation.

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