Subject: Study Skills/Spec Ed
1. Topic-
Implementing study skills to prepare for semester finals
2. Content-
--Review posted definitions of study skills
--Review definitions of study skills
--Review directions in study skills short answer prompts (Bloom's Taxonomy higher level learning words: Describe, Explain, etc.) and discuss students approaches to the short answer prompts as considerations of the audience (teacher grading for student understanding of class material over the semester)
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Students will demonstrate that they have understand that implementing study skills will help them improve grades and classroom performance
2. Students will adhere to posted classroom expectations to demonstrate readiness to participate in classroom lessons and learn/review content
4. Objectives-
1. Students will demonstrate understanding of classroom expectations by adhering to the posted written expectations.
2. Students will participate in finals preparation activities presented in this class session in order to increase preparation for semester finals in all of their classes.
5. Materials and Aids-
--Posted classroom expectations poster
--Posted study skills definitions
--Individual students' study skills folders with:
*December calendar
*General Test Taking Strategies
*Semester finals review graphic organizer
*Study Skills class finals review outline
--Post-it Notes
--Posted "Study Skills Are..." banner
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Teacher will greet students at door of the classroom and will prompt students to get their folders on the 6th period shelf by the door on their way into the classroom if they do not get them on their own.
2. Upon period bell ringing, the teacher will record student attendance on-line. The teacher will share announcements or other pertinent updates to the class. The teacher will offer students and classroom staff opportunities to share announcements or updates with the class. Teacher will review posted classroom expectations and agenda outlined on the white board.

B. Development-

1. Review definitions of "study skills"� on bulletin board
2. Students will take out the monthly calendar from their folders to review, add, and/or change items on the calendar
3. Students will fill in whatever information they can on the worksheet (check their class notes, syllabus, etc.). Teacher explains to students to get missing information from other classes to add to the chart. Students will refer to General Test Taking Strategies handouts for support
5. Students will review study skills final outline
6. Teacher models example to students by adding post-it to the study skills banner based on ABC order.
7. Students will place study skills strategy on post=it note and put it on study skills banner.
8. Students use the remainder of the class time to work on assignments from other classes and/or continue to prepare study skills class.

C. Practice-

1. Students will take notes/practice paragraph writing in preparation for study skills final
2. Students will review General Test Taking Strategies as they fill out their finals prep graphic organizer
3. Students will review materials in study skills binder to develop examples of study skills learned in class this semester to write on post-it notes and attach to "Study Skills Are..." banner

D. Independent Practice-

1. Students will fill in finals review chart
2. Students will answer study skills short answer review prompts/Take notes
3. Students will contribute at least two study skills strategies to the "Study Skills Are..." banner on post-it notes and post on banner in ABC order

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. Student AR will be provided with opportunity to earn computer based on timed appropriate classroom behavior and participation
2. Students are expected to be as independent as possible, but classroom paraprofessionals are available as needed to assist students brainstorm, organize materials, and maintain focus on the classroom lessons. Paraprofessionals will approach students to engage them in activities

F. Checking for understanding-

1. Teacher will check for understanding through student demonstration of understanding by students:
--Reviewing finals prep graphic organizer for gaps of information
--Clarifying what is being asked in study skills finals prep short answer prompts, reviewing notes and written answers to prompts that students develop
--Participating in post-its/banner activity with examples of students providing effective study skills learned in class short answer study skills finals prep
--Participating in post-its/banner activity with examples of students providing effective study skills learned in class

G. Closure-

1. Teacher will inquire if students have any questions or comments about classroom activities and/or finals.
2. Teacher will encourage students to discuss/review contents of finals from other classes with their other teachers
7. Evaluation-
1. Evaluation of progress will include participation in using graphic organizer for finals preparation
2. Evaluation of progress will include student responses to short answer prompts
3. Evaluation of progress will include student participation in study skills strategies banner activity
8. Teacher Reflection-
(To be completed after lesson)

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