1. Topic-

How to ask people to do things

How to describe a festival

2. Content-
Could you...please?, Excuse me, sorry...would you mind...?, area, research, give me a hand, I'm afraid, in a hurry, stop right there!, 12B; carnival, ceremony, costume, exotic, folk, procession, traditional, competition, enormous, popular, statue, tribe, tropical, camel, covered, drum, flight, playground, race, watermelon.

GRAMMAR; verbes followed by gerunds: enjoy, hate, like, love, mind. Verba followed by infinitives: agree, decide, refuse, need, plan, promise, want, would like, 12B Indefinite pronouns/adverbs: someone, anyone, everyone, no one.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. ss to be able to practice and improve all of their English skills; reading writing, speaking, listening.
2. ss to apply new knowledge in real life situations.
3. ss to be able to work in teams, making them apply and share their learning strategies/techniques.
4. Objectives-
1. at the end of each lesson ss would have learnt new vocabulary the one they will know how to use it in diff. contexts.
2. at the end of each lesson ss would have learnt "how to do something"; knowledge which they will be able to apply in real life situations.
5. Materials and Aids-
whiteboard, markers, cd player, CD, student book, workbook, Flashcards.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Monday; students will be working on teams for their first task, they have to choose the information they will present in their final presentation.
2. Tuesday and Wednesday ss will present their tasks; it is an oral exposition for the rest of the group.
3. Thursday and Friday teacher will start the class by asking questions or giving examples about the new lessons(warm up).

B. Development-

1. Teacher will write on the whiteboard the new vocabulary.
2. In case ss don't know the meaning of any word; teacher will place examples and will give them the meaning in English, just in case ss don't get it, teacher will give the meaning in Spanish.
3. Teacher uses the whiteboard or sheet of papers previous made by him in order to present and explain new grammar lessons.

C. Practice-

1. teacher will randomly select some of their ss so they can practice the pronunciation of the new vocabulary; in case the ss pronounce incorrectly, teacher will correct the pronunciation right in the spot.
2. teacher along with his ss will answer the exercises on the student book.
3. teacher will randomly select some of his ss to review the correct answers of those exercises.

D. Independent Practice-

at the end of each lesson there is a section called ABCD put it all together, ss have the chance to apply the knowledge they have acquired during the lesson.

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