Subject: Principles in Teaching
1. Topic-
Principles in Teaching and Learning: Classroom Management
2. Content-
1. Be consistent and proactive with your classroom management.
2. Routines will really save a lot of time for it maintains the orderly transition and sequence of classroom instruction
3. Have
a smooth transition and continuity of momentum throughout the day.
4. Novelty and Competence among the activities given in the class should be balanced. Novelty in a sense that activities must be new to the students and not too repetitive and "used".
5. "With-it-ness" is important. This means that we must be aware of what is happening all around the classroom.
6. Settle minor problems promptly before they become major disruptions.
7. Give positive feedback among students if they have shown positive behavior.
8. Don't make a big deal out of minor problems or disturbances.
9. Arrange the classroom that caters interactive teaching and learning.
10. Make every instructional moment a meaningful one.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
Identify and apply the ten principles in teaching and learning.
4. Objectives-
1.To be able to help the students identify the important details in teaching
2.To be able to help the students to fully understand how it is to become a teacher
5. Materials and Aids-
PowerPoint Presentation
6. Procedures/Methods-


Teaching is difficult, teaching is a one way window, or teaching is only for those with a very long patients. This are the most common things that people, both student, and in some cases even teachers as well, think. But I feel it was effective.

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