The Block Diagram Task
Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
The goal of this is to get as many of the students as possible to produce an exact replica of the blocks as shown on the attached diagram.
Materials and Aids-
1. The block diagram
2. One piece of blank paper for each student
3. Learner satisfaction forms
4. Scoring box

A. Introduction-

In this lesson you will replicate a diagram of 5 squares by listening to my directions. All the squares will be the same size in length and width. You will not be able to see the diagram before you start. You must listen carefully, pay attention and draw accurately! :)


1. Square number one should be drawn on the top of the page in the middle. It should be about a fingertips length.

2. Directly underneath square #1 start square #2. They will be connecting. You want to start the square at the midpoint of square #1. Continue drawing the square by drawing the bottom half of it going towards the left. You should have a backwards L at this point. Finish off the square.

3. Square #3 will be more of diamond #1. Starting at the bottom right point of square #1 start to make a diagonal line going in each direction to start your diamond. Finish off the diamond as you would any regular diamond.

4. Square #4 will start at the bottom point of the diamond. Draw a straight line that goes past the diamonds point on each side. Then, draw a line going down each side and close it off with the straight line along the bottom.

5. The last and final square #5 will be diamond #2. Starting at the bottom left point of square #4. Just draw a diamond starting from that point and you're done!

Checking for understanding-

1. You should have a regular square on top.
2. Second should be a regular square just shifted to the left.
3. Third should be a diamond shifted to the right.
4. Fourth should be a normal square directly underneath the diamond.
5. Fifth should be a diamond directly underneath the bottom left point of square #4.

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