Subject: Acclamation to College
1. Topic-
The Change of College
2. Content-
Note taking,
Study habits,
Time management
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Teach different note taking methods and how to individualize it for each person.

2.Teach different study habits and find the best way for each kid.

3.Learn how to make time for what really matters, while still having fun.
4. Objectives-
1.To get each student to find a note taking method that works for them.

2.To find away to study that will work for each student.

3.To teach the students in the class that they can still have fun, but they have to manage time and school with that.
5. Materials and Aids-
Focus on community collage success, By Constance Staley.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Lecture on note taking, page 151-153. For this lecture I will present a Power point with all the information on note taking. This will include the 4 parts, or different ways to take notes. Cornell system, mind maps, power point, and parallel note taking. It will explain each type and how each type can work in different situation.

2.Then have a section of the power point on study habits. This section will cover pages 212-217 in the book and will go over three different ways to study. They are making a master study plan, how to study when the pressure is on, and finally reading and studying. This section will cover all the main aspects of each one, and explain how each will work differently at different times.

3.Then the power point will go into time management on pages 84-89. This section will cover how to plan your days out so that you have time for studies, but also there is time to have fun. This way there is no mad catch up study section latter in the year. This will teach how to manage personal fun time and school time in the day to day life.

This lecture will consist of the above three parts and will last for about 30 minuets.

B. Development-

1.I will show how note taking can help in many different instances, and even in the professional world. Also how they would be using this skill for the rest of their lives.

2.In this section I will explain that studying is a big part of college and that nothing comes free. I will then show how good study methods can prepare them for future things, such as bar exams, and other professional exams that most will have to take to become licensed.

3.After this section I will show how time management is key for everyone and without it their lives will become very stressed.

All three section I will focus on how each subject will help them latter in life, because to me that's what college is for, to prepare us for real life. And if they have a understanding on how these subjects will help them they might learn it a little better. So connections to real life examples is key.

C. Practice-

1.During the whole lecture students will be asked to take notes the way they are used to taking them.

2.During the study habit section I will ask students to share the ways they do their studying and if it works or not.

3.Also during the power point, but in the time management section of it, I will again ask students how they manage there time and if it is working for them. I will also ask them to write down what works for them ad what doesn't.

D. Independent Practice-

1.I will ask each student to come up with a new way, or to change their current note taking habits and try one of the methods mentioned before. Then over the next few weeks with the method they chose they will take notes, and at the end of this time I will collect them and then do a small test on the subject matter we learned over those weeks to see if there is any change in there knowledge on the subjects,

2.Then after this I will introduce the next section of the power point which was studying. In this exercise I will ask each student to recall what they said during the lecture and to think about if there method really works. I will then ask each student to pick a new way to study. Then ask them to ty and study like this for the next test/or quiz.

3.Last we will go over time management and how their lives are organized. I will then hand out a schedule that they can fill out in class, after this is filled out we will discuss how easy of a load each one is carrying and how to possibly fix this, then I will hand out another daily schedule but this time ask each student to fill it out and make corrections, so their lives are not as hectic and crammed in.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

All students will be given the book page numbers for each section so that they can reread the section, also at the end of the power point there will be time for questions or comments. This way if they want individualized help I can help them.

F. Checking for understanding-

At the end of this class I will prepare a small quiz for the day this quiz will just cover the main ideas of the power point.
The one key thing about the quiz though is there will be one on the day of the class but then there will be another a week after the class. This way you know they understanding and retaining the information.


G. Closure-

The wrap up will consist of a brief summary of all the material that was covered during the day and also a reminder of what is due for home work the following class.

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