Student will be training in how to use an AAC communication device, specifically a picture exchange communication system (PECS)
Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Student will understand the function and purpose of the PECS system.
2.Student will begin using the PECS system for various activities throughout the day with 80% accuracy.
3.Student will begin combining pictures to form simple sentence.
Materials and Aids-
Picture cards to be exchanged for an item being requested.

A. Introduction-

1.Student will begin with one card during snack time with a picture that represents the student's favorite snack, pretzels. The teacher will demonstrate how to exchange the card for the snack with the student.
2. The teacher will then have the student practice by handing the card to the teacher in exchange for the snack reinforcing that the card with the picture of a pretzel communicates a desire for a pretzel.
3. Once the student understands the connection between the picture card and the snack, a second snack option will be presented to the student via a picture card to help the student understand that the picture on each card is representative of a desired snack and that different pictures represent different snacks.

B. Development-

1.During music time, the student will be presented with three picture cards representing three different musical instruments to play. The student will be given the instrument of the card he/she selects.

C. Practice-

1.At recess, the student will again practice the use of the picture communication cards by selecting from a series of activities and handing the card to the teacher.
2.The student will signify when he/she is ready to change to a new activity by selecting a new card and handing the came card to the teacher to indicate that he/she wants to continue in the original activity.
3. Student will also be taught to use a picture card with a smile and a "hi" written on it for when he/she arrives each day. The student will also be taught to use a picture card with a drink to symbolize that he/she is thirsty.

D. Independent Practice-

1. After practice during music snack, and recess times, the student will begin learning to combine picture cards to create a simple sentence. During play time, the student will be given a "want" card and taught to the desired toy to play with.
2. The student will then be encouraged to use the want card in combination with previously learned cards, like a snack card or the thirsty card.

F. Checking for understanding-

1. Student will either eat the snack given or play with the toy or instrument given after showing the card to indicate the communication was a success.
2. Student will push away the toy or snack if it is incorrect and the teacher will redirect the student to the correct card.

G. Closure-

Student will be presented with the cards on arrival each day to be used throughout the day in various activities.

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