1. Topic-
Five Elements and Wheel Balancing
2. Content-
Wheel Balancing
One Point Balancing
Alarm Points

New Corrections:
Acupressure Holding Points
Spindle Cell and Golgi Correction

Shortcut: Circuit Locating for which correction to use

Ensuring Success: Challenge the correction for more to do

14 New Muscles

New Techniques:
ESR for Future Pacing
Time of Day Balance - we will use it after lunch.
Meridian Massage - Energizer
Meridian Walking - demo only
Cerbro Spinal Technique - Extra Correction for Abdominals
Cross Crawl Integration: can be used after a balance to integrate the balance or to help someone who has been unconscious or help with learning difficulties.
Simple Pain Relief Technique
Nutritional Stress Testing
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. To perform a one point Five Element balance
2. To Balance using the wheel if too many muscles are out
3. Learn Shortcuts to save time
4. Objectives-
1. To be adept in balancing the muscle/meridian system using all tools
2. To be able to identify biocidic foods that take energy away from body and could possibly be harmful
3. To Learn the new Protocol for a complete picture
5. Materials and Aids-
IKC approved materials provided by Instructor
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

We will be learning how to balance the bodies energies according to Chinese Theory
This is the backbone of Touch for Health.

B. Development-

1. First we learn the Wheel
2. Then we learn the Extra Correction and Shortcuts
3. Tomorrow we learn the Five Element Balancing Technique

C. Practice-

1. Students Practice in Pairs
2. Instructor Monitors Progress

D. Independent Practice-

Read about all the techniques in the TFH Book

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-


F. Checking for understanding-


G. Closure-

Review, Questions and Answers
7. Evaluation-

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)