1. Topic-
Domain and Hosting Management
2. Content-
This is a lesson explains everything that you need to know about the domain and hosting management.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Register domains with any registrars.
2.Find reliable hosting services.
3.Renew expiring domains on time.
4.forward all emails to the right people.
5.collect all paid invoices and send to the assigned people for record keeping.
6.Respond with any technical problem that may arise with regards to hosting services and domain registrars.
7.Use the domain master list (system based) for accurate record keeping.
8.Create steps on how to pay the domains registrations,renewals and monthly hosting payments.
4. Objectives-
1.Determine the classification of domains.
2.Find registrar with cheap domain registration.
3.Creation of G-mail accounts prior to the creation of any registrar accounts.
4.Registrar account creation.
5.Creation of hosting services account.
6.Changing the whois information on each domain registered.
7.Update the system (editable fields).
8.Check the Hosting monthly payables regularly.
9.Create email every time there will be domain registration/renewals to be sent to Student 1 and Student 2 for confirmation.

5. Materials and Aids-
Domain Master list (system)
Master login details
for domain and hosting
thunderbird for email
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

Part 1 Domain registration

Domain Registration Flow
Domain Renewal Flow
Domain Renewal
Email notification


Kinds of domain hosting.
Steps for looking a reliable hosting company.
Process of Purchasing New IP Adrress.
Risk Management.


Banned domain process
Banned Domains
IP address for banned domains


B. Development-

A. Types of domains "“ list of domain classification

Special Domains
Domains registered under the name of the company itself.
Are registered using a separate account regardless what is the registrar
Ex. Smart-traffic.co.uk, internetbuyerdirect
Resource Domains
Resource domains are domains registered for link building operation and for privacy concerns the identity of the company is kept confidential and should not be related with the said domains With regards to registrant information.
Big Sites+FLP
Small Themed Directories
Multi-use Sites or Single Page Blogs
Marketing Domains

B. Domain registration

Domain Registration Steps
A Free sign up of account with registrar is created for the every 20 domains registered. Registrar name (ex. Namecheap, Godaddy, etc.
6 accounts per registrar with a duration of 1yr for resource domain 2+ for special domains under ST name. Checking the availability of the name and also the patent status of the domain name that is to be registered.
Every domain registered has its own individual email address assigned.
Maximum of 5 domains on each registrar per day. After the domain is registered the contact details should be updated and should be unique using American and British names and addresses before the name server address is changed to the address of the hosting server. Most of the time there are issues with regards to the payment. Sending an email to the registrar somehow resolves the issue. Mode of Payment for the registration is thru Simon's Credit Card. After payment of the said registrations, a copy of the invoice should be kept for record and send to Teacher and Student 1.


When choosing for a new domain name registrar. The budget provided per domain is $9-$15/year the cheaper the better but should also consider the quality of service they offer. (depending on the domain type requirement)
Regular creation of made-off contact details should be done for the domain whois details. Updating the master list of login details is also done every time a new account is created with a registrar. Total number of domains registered in a month updated real-time.

Name Registrar Support

Method of communication
Online chat
Phone or Fax
24 hours 7 days a week


When choosing for a new domain name registrar. Please consider the support specified above.

Domain Registration Flow

Content Development Manager
Student 1

Domain Renewal Flow
Student 1

Domain Renewal
Basis for renewal is through the System's Domain Master-list.
Resource domains
Maximum of 2 years
Renewed 2 months before the renewal date.
Special domains
Maximum of 5 years
Renewed 3 months before the renewal date.
Before renewing a domain checking the Google status of the said domain is done.
If the domain is banned or not cached by Google, it will no longer be renewed.
Double check accounts with registrar if its auto renew.
Student 1 is the person who will approve all domain renewals.
Twice a month checking with all the Registrar accounts if there's a domain to be renewed.
Master list of all domains is available thru the system.

Email notification (the contact email for all domains are set to admin@"domain" and forwarded to the following emails below)
Notification email should be going to the right people
Set a primary recipient as well as a secondary recipient.
Primary recipient: admin@domain
Secondary recipient/Automatically FWD to: callagent27@gmail.com and fp.Student 4ff@gmail.com
Filtered and Manually Sent to:

List of all registrants and it's corresponding accounts can be seen on the ST-System


A. Domain Hosting

Kinds of domain hosting

Special domain hosting- Servers were the special domain pages resides.
Resource domain hosting-Servers were pages used for link building resides etc...

Steps for looking a reliable hosting company

Thorough search of hosting companies with a cheap and good offer with the approval of Student 4ff.
Prospect hosting companies must meet all the SPECS as required for a hosting plan.
Contact thru calls, chat and email done once in a while to negotiate with the hosting Company.
After dealing with the hosting company order of the desired plan will proceed.
Hosting company will generate now an invoice for possible payment.
Payment will now follow and the paid invoices will be sent to Student 2 and Student 1.

Prices of Hosting plan "“ in accordance with Simon's price range.

Process of Purchasing New IP Adrress
Once the domain names are available and registered with particular registrar,
C class IP are ordered with Hosting companies.
Hosting Company are available, we will be sending out list of domain names with specified IP address for "Set Up" & changing of name server as well.
After the said process, Payment will proceed.
List available thru the ST System Domain Master-list
Payment and purchasing the IP's involves Student 3 ,Student 4 and Student 2.


All plans for hosting should be with the approval of Student 1 and Student 4 for evaluation the decision may it be an additional hosting plan or cancellation of hosting plan.
When canceling a hosting plan the personal and billing info saved under the account should be wiped out or changed to avoid unnecessary charges from the credit card. - 2 months before cancellation billing date
Need to call the hosting company after cancellation to verify the cancellation.

Risk Management
Common issues on Hosting is down connection, unable to access the domains, if this happens contacting the hosting support thru chat, email and calls for an immediate assistance.
Hosting Companies Direct Line

1. SEOHOSTING - 1-7135745287 "“ US
2. SEOHOSTPROS - 1-877-763-8725 - US number
3. INDIANETS - +91-9652470071 "“ India number
4. BIGGEST HOSTING - 1-888-655-HOST "“ US number
5. SCALAHOSTING "“ Chat support only from 8am-12mn Mon- Sat
6. THE PLANET - 1-866-325-0045 - US number
7. DINSOL "“ 1-214-347-7524 "“ US number
8. KNOWNHOST - 1-866-332-9894 US number
(Student 3 will be the one responsible in contacting the following hosting companies above)

After the payment is done logging in to the account is a must to collect the paid invoices for record purposes.
After collecting the invoices from their respective websites copies of invoices will be sent to Teacher ,Student 5 and Student 1

Banned domain process
The banned domains will be checked by Kent from the web-dev and Student 3 from the IT Department
The list will be noted on the ST-System and forwarded to Hannah for analysis and confirmation.
domain will be declared if it is banned or not after 1 month.

Banned Domains

Banned domains will no longer be renewed until it expires.
Banned domains will still be kept for later reference with in the system's domain master-list.

IP address for banned domains

IP addresses of all banned and expired domains will be distributed to the newly registered domains.

C. Practice-

1.Create multiple G-mail accounts for account creation purposes.
2.Create an account with any registrar
3.Register domains and
create a guide on how to pay the domains.
4.Change the whois details of the domains registered.
5.Search for stable hosting services available online
6.Register for a free hosting account.
7.Check and contact the hosting through customer service about services needed by the company and the cost.
8.Identify the mode of payment.
9.Coordinate with Teacher for the payments.
10.Collect the paid invoices and send an email to Student 1 and Student 5 (Bangkok)
11.Update System based domain master list

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)