Web Page and FTP
Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Students should learn how to create their web sites
2. Students should have the knowledge of different scopes in creating their own web sites
3. Students should have the basic knowledge of FTP and how they will import their web sites in the web using FTP
4. Objectives-

1. To let the students know what is a web page and what are its scopes
2. To show how the students should write different HTML Tags
3. To let the students learn how they upload their Web sites using FTP
5. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Greetings and Introducing the group's individual members
2. Ask the students what they know about HTML and its uses
3. Ask the students what they know about File Transfer Protocol based on their own understanding in the name (2nd Day)

B. Development-

1.Explain HTML's History
2.Explain HTML terminologies
3.Explain uploading/ downloading and FTP

C. Practice-

1. Provide the students written materials for reference (the students can focus on listening)
2. Provide a visual aid so that the students has the idea of the topic
3. Show how the students should write their HTML tags
4. show how to upload their web pages using FTP (Fillezilla should be used)

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. asking questions based on the lessons and provide them the explanation by writing an html programs Ex: how can we put image in html?

Checking for understanding-

1. evaluate the students knowledge in the lesson after each topic:
2. asking them questions in the end of the session
3. let them ask questions based on the topic


1. provide them references about the topic ex: books and web sites
2. giving thanks to the students
7. Evaluation-
1. providing questionnaires that they can evaluate the speakers and the topic
2. providing questionnaires that they can evaluate their knowledge before and after the lessons
8. Teacher Reflection-
1. Did We/I speak clearly?
2. Am I being respectful?
3. Did I teach them correctly and truthfully?

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