Theater History PPT Presentation
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Student has five or less slides in presentation. Little to no color. Boring to look at. No proficiency.
Student has six to ten slides in presentation. Some color. Below proficient.
Student has eleven to twenty slides in their presentation. Proficient. Varies use of color. Proficient.
Student used at least twenty slide in presentation. Advanced proficiency.
Student had no animation and little use of color to maintain interest. Not proficient.
Partially proficient. One or two uses of animation to keep interest. Occasional use of color.
Varied use of animation for entrances and exits of slides. Maintains interest of those viewing. Proficient.
Advanced proficiency. Many uses of animations for entrances and exits of slide transitions. Unique and interesting to watch.
Historical Knowledge
Not proficient. Student merely cut and past information from websites. Could not answer questions regarding specific historical period. Cold and boring, not enthusiasm shown.
Below proficient. Student answered some of the questions asked about the historical period. Could give anecdotal examples from other sources that PPT. Little to no enthusiasm.
Proficient. Student gave examples in addition to the ones listed on PPT. Easily answered questions about specific period of history. Some enthusiasm.
Advanced proficient. Student answered all questions, gave examples from multiple sources, cited sources, showed enthusiasm in presentation.
Playwrights and their works
Not proficient. Student had two or fewer examples of playwrights. Could not give examples of works.
Partially proficient. Student had at least two, but not more than three playwrights highlighted in PPT. Gave minimum of three examples of know works.
Proficient. Student gave more than three highlighted playwrights in PPT. More than two samples of works from each author presented.
Advanced proficient. Students gave a minimum of three playwrights and three titles of their works. Enthusiastic about topic. Surpassed minimum requirements.
Not proficient. Student appears clumsy/awkward, looks repeatedly to audience. Laughs and looses attention.
Below proficient. Student has occasional lapses in attention. May laugh or smile due to nerves.
Proficient. Student maintains focus and concentration throughout presentation.
Advanced proficiency. Student maintains full focus on task of revealing and teaching about specific historical period.

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