ART 161 Ceramic Form Rubric
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The form is noticeably misproportioned.
The form is somewhat misproportioned, but works functionally and still has some aesthetic appeal.
The form is pretty well proportioned. A few of its segments are a bit off, but overall the piece is well crafted.
The form is well proportioned and has a sense of balance and wholeness that enhances the form's appeal.
The form is not put together well with ill conceived joints and segments.
The form exhibits rudimentary craftsmanship with basic structural concerns or blatant textural deficiencies.
The form exhibits sturdy structure and joints, but may include some basic textural malformations.
The form is structurally sound with well conceived joints and exhibits very little textural issues.
The form is a basic form that shows no personalization or originality on the part of the creator.
The form shows some customization, but still resembles a basic shape with little decoration or originality added to it.
The form has been customized but the creator either went too far and over decorated the form or slightly missed the effect they were going for.
The form has been customized to represent what the creator had envisioned and intrigue its audience with its creativity.
Form is unfinished - it has no paint, glaze, or finishing coat.
The form is finished, but the use of the finish was rudimentary or sloppy.
The form has a consistent finish that enhances the look of the form. The finish could have been applied to create a more pleasing product.
The form has a consistent, artistic, and aesthetically pleasing finish that enhances the forms overall appeal.

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