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Explanation of Ideas and Information
*no effort in presentation given *wrong information presented in an ineffective manner *alternative or opposing perspectives handled poorly
*does not present information, arguments, ideas, or findings clearly *too much or too little information wrong approach when selecting information *does not address alternative or opposing perspectives
*presents information, findings, arguments and supporting evidence in a way that is always not clear *attempts to select information, develops ideas, but does not fully succeed *attempts to address alternative or opposing perspectives, but not clearly
*presents information, findings, arguments and supporting evidence clearly and logically *clearly and completely addresses alternative and opposing perspectives *selects information, develops ideas appropriate to audience
*meets no requirements for presentation *has neither an introduction or conclusion *uses time ineffectively, presentation is too short with no understanding demonstrated
*meets some requirements for presentation *has only an introduction or conclusion *time could be spent better, too long in presentation with little understanding demonstrated
*meets most requirements for presentation *has unclear introduction and conclusion for presentation *generally times presentation well, but too little or too much time spent on a topic
*meets all requirements for what should be in presentation *has clear and interesting introduction and conclusion *organizes time well; no part is too long or too short
Response to Audience Questions
*does not address audience questions
*does not address audience questions well, goes off topic or misunderstands without seeking clarification
*answers audience questions, but not always clearly or completely
*answers audience questions clearly and completely *seeks clarification, admits "I don't know" or explains how the answer might be found when unable to answer a question
Participation in Team Presentations
one member of the team over dominates both giving the information and answering questions
not all members participate equally
all team members participate but one slightly more than the other
*all team members participate for about the same length of time * all team members are able to answer questions about the topic as a whole, not just their part of it; each member takes a turn teaching information and answering questions

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