Artistic Performance Evaluation
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Vocal Work
Student was too quiet to be heard. Student did not use projection, inflection, or articulation.
Student was heard occasionally. Projection, inflection and articulation was used rarely.
Student was heard for the most part. Good use of projection, inflection, and articulation.
Student was always heard. Excellent use of projection, inflection and articulation.
Body Movement
Student did not use body to help express character to the audience. Body was stiff and not interactive with dialogue.
Student sometimes would use body to help express character to the audience but instances were rare and far between.
Student attempted to use body to help express character to the audience. Body was sometime stiff but movement interacted with the dialogue.
Student's movement helped express character to the audience. Body was rarely stiff and movement interacted with the dialogue.
Student did not incorporate blocking into scene at all.
Student incorporated some blocking but blocking seemed stiff and student turned back to audience more than once.
Student incorporated nice blocking. Blocking seemed natural but student turned back to the audience once or twice.
Student's blocking fit scene very well. Student did not turn their back to the audience.
Listening/Reacting Believe-ability
Student just recited lines from script and did not listen or react and character was not believable.
Student recited most of the lines from script and rarely listened and reacted. Character was occasionally believable.
Student said lines in character and mostly listened and reacted to scene in the moment. Character was mostly believable.
Student always said lines in character and listened and reacted in character. Character was always believable.
Student had no energy and broke character constantly. Student constantly giggled through performance.
Student had little energy and broke character sometimes. Student sometimes giggled through the performance.
Student had great energy but occasionally broke character. Student giggled only once through performance.
Student had amazing energy and never broke character. Student did not giggle at all through performance.

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