Color Harmonies
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Paint smudges/erasure marks and other marks that do not complete the final product. Edges of media bent or torn. Lack of care for the finish.
Light marking, minor smudges, wear to the edges of the paper.
Some marks and smudges otherwise a clean presentation.
No marks, no wear to the media. Careful handling of the media.
The use of Color Harmonies.
Little or no use of Color Harmony.
Some colors do not relate to the other colors in the composition, but the concept is understood.
Color Harmony is understood and the colors are the correct value or tone.
The colors reflect the type of Color Harmony for the composition.
Simple design, little work completed.
Some effort in the drawing, and a design direction starting to develop.
There is effort in the work.
The effort of the student is readily apparent.
Followed Directions
There are characters are painted flat and graphic.
The character is centered in the composition.
Each of the areas have been filled to the edge.
The boundaries between the three compositions are straight.
There is paint on the canvas.
The characters/ background are almost complete
The characters/background are completely filled in with colors.
There is line work on the characters.

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