Comic Strip Rubric
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All Steps are completed in a timely manner
None of the steps are completed
Not all steps are completed and they some are late
Steps are complete but not all on time.
All steps are completed on time.
Comic strip is creative, original and has all the requirements.
Comic strip is missing many of the requirements or the comic strip is a copy of another comic.
Comic strip is missing some of the requirement but is original
Comic strip is missing one of the requirements but is creative and original
Comic strip has all the requirements.
Comic is neat and organized.
Comic strip is illegible and cannot be read.
Comic strip is hard to read and the story hard to follow but the pictures are creative.
The comic is near and the pictures creative but some of the work is difficult to understand.
The comic is neat and organized. and the wording and story flows and is easy to understand.
Behavior: Student stayed on task
Student did not stay on task and did not finish the project.
Student did not stay on task and did not use time wisely so project was rushed.
Student stayed on task but sometimes was distracted and it caused the student to rush through some of the project.
Student stayed on task and finished the project on time.

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