Double pinch pots
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Basic Pinch Pot Construction
Pinch pots are very uneven and too wide at the top. There are areas of thin and thick clay. Student did not follow directions while forming them.
Pinch pots are lumpy and not formed with care. They are inconsistent in size shape or texture.
Pinch pots are mostly even and match well.
Pinch pots are formed properly: They are symmetrical and have a consistent 1/4" thickness throughout. Student used the proper method of construction as per the demonstration.
The student did not use correct methods or materials.
Pinch pots are together, but are uneven and/or coming apart at the assemblage point.
Pinch pots are well joined.
Pinch pots are properly joined together, using scoring and coiling. There are no visible signs of assemblage. Piece is smooth and symmetrical.
Pieces have not been scored or joined properly. Incisions are sloppy. The surface is not finished.
Some pieces are not secure or finished. Little attention paid to details, placement or surface texture.
Additional pieces are joined, but are not smoothed in. Incisions are made, but do not look completely finished.
Design elements are applied properly and all incisions are neat and smoothed out.
Documentation/Submission for Grading
No initials on work. Work not handed in or photographed.
Missing two pieces of documentation.
Incomplete or improper documentation.
Student wrote initials and class # on the bottom of the piece. They photographed piece properly and left project on the appropriate shelf for finishing.
Overall Aesthetic and Time Management
Form too simple. Student copied from another source or did not put much thought in to idea. A lot of time off task
Student worked, but did not use class time well. Form shows thought, but lacks in care and execution.
Form is interesting, but needs more attention to detail or workmanship. Student did not fully challenge himself.
Composition shows creativity and originality. Student chose challenging subject matter and/or methods. Entire project demonstrates care, thought and excellent use of time.

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