Empty Bowls Rubric
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Complexity of Design. How well do you interpret the artwork you are working from?
Simple design, no risk
Slightly complex, some evidence of "thinking outside the box"
Complex design, interprets the artwork in and interesting and original way
Very complex design, high level of risk involved, interprets artwork in a highly original way
Craftsmanship: How well is the object made? Refers specifically to the construction of the bowl.
Unacceptable appearance, didn't spend any time refining bowl on or off Potter's Wheel.
Unrefined appearance, trimmed bowl poorly, areas of cracking or chips in bowl.
Refined appearance, few imperfections, less than two areas of unintended blemishes.
Seamless appearance. Free of flaws. Spent a lot of time devoted to refining bowl.
Glazing: The glaze was applied in an appropriate manner and color in regard to the artwork.
Poor technique, more than eight areas of unintended brush strokes apparent, unglazed areas, sloppy. Colors to not reflect artwork.
Acceptable technique with four to seven areas of unintended brush strokes. Colors are similar but could be better.
Accomplished technique with less than three areas of unintended brush strokes. Colors match the artwork and appearance is refined.
Seamless glazing techniques. No more than one area of unintended brush strokes. Colors match artwork and mastery of technique is apparent.
Completion of project. Completes work within the stated time frame. Makes good use of class time.
Incomplete project. The project was not finished within the class periods.
Project complete but evidence that it was rushed are apparent. Glazing completed hastily.
Project complete, piece has been glaze fired and shows little evidence of rushed work.
Completed project, all done in timely manner, quality of this apparent in mastery level of work.

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