Indigenous People Art
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Indigenous SYMBOLS Research
Student did not research and record Symbols from Artifacts.
Student did record some symbols from the Artifacts investigated.
Student recorded 3 or more Symbols from Artifacts and recreated them into Original and Personal Symbols.
Student used research symbols from Artifacts and recreated Original Personal Symbols. Correct Tools were used to keep the job neat.
Indigenous BORDER Design
NO repeating Border was created from Symbols.
A Border was created using the Symbols recorded from Artifacts.
The Border Symbols were altered into Personal Symbols based on Indigenous Designs.
The Border design is an Original Design based on Indigenous Symbols. It is a neat, organized pattern made with the proper tools.
Animal in design
Animal drawn is not recognizable.
A reference book was used to help draw the animal.
The animal selected was practiced until its outside shape was recognizable.
The animal drawn is recognizable and attention to details like symbols inside the animal were neatly depicted.
The drawing is sloppy and coloring is messy.
Tools were used to help improve Symbols drawing.
Drawing and coloring is neat and organized. Tools were used correctly.
It's obvious that much care and thought went into the design and coloring of the finished piece.
Time Management
Work is incomplete due to being unfocused during art time.
Teacher needed to redirect student to help student stay focused.
Student worked independently to successfully complete work.
Student exhibited independence, creativity and commitment to do their best on project work.

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