Line Drawing Rubric

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Line Variety jagged, curved, broken, dashed, spiral, straight, wavy, zigzag lines
Use of line types is minimal at best, and does not show interest or personal content. The drawing has 2 intersecting lines.
Two different types of lines were used, but did not give much personal content to drawing. Offers some visual interest in variation. The drawing has 3 intersecting lines.
At least 3 different types of lines are used, although some may be very similar. Art work is unique to student and added personal content to the drawing. The drawing has 4 intersecting lines.
At least 5 completely different types of line are used that are unique to student and add personal content to the drawing. Lines offer variation and interest. The drawing has 5 intersecting lines.
Composition/ Design Planning through thumbnails and rough drafts. Creative Problem solving.
No thought has been given to the arrangement of objects. The composition is uninteresting and objects do not create interesting space. The student fulfilled the assignment, but gave no evidence of trying anything unusual.
Some thought was given to the arrangement of lines but the composition does not achieve sufficient variation. The student tried one idea, and carried it out adequately, but it lacked originality.
Thought was given to the arrangement lines in order to achieve variety. The student tried a few ideas before selecting one; solved the problem in a logical way.
The student generated many ideas through thumbnails before selecting one; tried unusual combinations or changes on several ideas; demonstrated outstanding problem-solving skills.
Composition The artist has created a unified composition that is balanced with positive and negative space and shapes
The student used little to no negative space and is not filled.
There was sufficient use of negative shapes but the composition has little variation between positive and negative space.
Thought was given to the use of positive and negative space to created an unified composition.
Mastery use of positive and negative space and shapes. The composition is unified and pleasing to the eye.
Neatness & Craftsmanship
Some of the shapes are neatly filled in with lines. The drawing is unfinished or appears messy and needs attention. Presentation has not been considered.
Most of the shapes are neatly filled in with lines. The drawing created fairly well but could be improved or cleaned up. Some areas of the drawing may need further attention.
The drawing is neatly filled in with lines. Media is used carefully and skillfully and the drawing is completely finished.
All shapes are neatly and effectively filled in with lines. The drawing is exceptionally attractive and the shapes are unique and flawless.
Effort Students spends time on project and effort to create drawing.
Student did not use class time wisely. Had to remind student to stay on task on a daily basis. The project was completed with minimum effort.
Student used some class time wisely. Sometimes needed a few reminders to stay on task. The student finished the project, but it could have been improved with more effort; adequate interpretation of the assignment, but lacking finish.
Student used class time well. The student worked hard and completed the project, but with a little more effort it might have been outstanding.
Student used class time to their advantage. The project was continued until it was as complete as the student could make it; gave effort far beyond that required; took pride in going well beyond the requirements.

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