Oaxacan Animal Painting
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Evidence of Learning: Vocabulary
Student did NOT understand or use vocabulary when describing their work.
Student understood only a few vocabulary words but did NOT use them in describing their work.
Student understood some vocabulary works and did use them in describing their work.
Student understood and used vocabulary correctly when describing their work.
Follows Direction
Painting is Not completed to given directions.
Painting followed only a few directions that were given.
Painting follows most of the directions that were given
Painting follows all of the directions given
Project Effort
Student did NOT put effort into the project
Student put little effort into the project.
Student took care in creating the project.
Student put full effort into creating the artwork.
NO creativity is shown in the work.
A small amount of creativity is shown.
Project shows creativity.
Project shows a lot of creativity.
Craftsmanship and Use of Materials
Overall project needs major improvements with craftsmanship and dealing with materials
Project needs some improvements dealing with craftsmanship and working with art materials
Project is done neatly and shows good use of art materials.
Project is neat with great craftsmanship and in controlling the materials.

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