Original Scene Performance
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Student has slim to none of their lines memorized. Constantly calls out for line. Flow never begins. Unnatural sounding.No proficiency.
Student shows some of their lines are memorized. Occasionally calls out for line.Little natural flow of speech.Below proficient.
Student has the majority of their lines memorized. Hardly ever calls out for line.Lines start and stop little if any.Proficient.
Student has all lines memorized without fault. Never calls out for line. Lines flow rapidly like natural speech. Advanced proficiency.
Little to no acting shown. Below proficient. Unbelievable performance.False. Not proficient.
Partially proficient, fairly believable performance.
Proficient acting performance. Talent is evident. Believable.
Advanced proficiency of performance. Very believable.Talent is of a higher degree.
Not proficient. Actor barley audible, not understood.
Below proficient. Student is heard some of the time, mumbles, speaks softly.
Proficient. Student is heard clearly. Does not mumble lines.
Advanced proficient. Student is clearly understood at all times of the performance. Whispers are easily heard. Voice fills space appropriately.
Not proficient. Actors unsure as to where to move. Blocking does not make sense or add to the scene. Actors do not move around performance area.
Partially proficient. Actors move occasionally around space. Movement seems awkward and unrehearsed.
Proficient. Actors movement is fluid and logical. Movement adds to the scene.
Advanced proficient. Actors move gracefully around the space and in a logical order. Believable and unique movements and/gestures.
Not proficient. Student appears clumsy/awkward, looks repeatedly to audience. Laughs and looses attention.
Below proficient. Student has occasional lapses in attention. May laugh or smile due to nerves.
Proficient. Student maintains focus and concentration throughout performance.Effort to control intentions.
Advanced proficiency. Student maintains full focus on task of acting with intentions. Very believable.

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