Quality Art Project Rubric
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Craftsmanship / Skill
My artwork was beautifully and patiently done as good as I could do it. Entire artwork is colored, there are no white spots or dirty spots.
If I had tried a little harder, my artwork could have been outstanding. I needed to add final detail. There are some white spots or dirty spots on my artwork.
My average skill is noticeable, but it is not as good as I could have done and at times it even looks careless.
I worked below my average skill and I did not care about finishing my project.
I carefully planned and made several sketches that showed that I am aware of the elements and principles of design. I chose my color scheme and I use my space effectively.
My artwork shows that I used the principles of design while using one or more elements effectively to fill in a good composition.
I did my artwork, but I did not plan it out in my sketchbook, so there was no real composition.
I did the minimum amount of work and I never finished it.
I demonstrated outstanding skills in solving problems by exploring several choices and ideas before I chose one way to make my artwork.
I tried a few ideas before I chose one based on someone else's idea and I make my decisions after seeing one source. I solved my problem in a logical way.
I tried one idea and it worked okay, but it was not my idea.
Did the assignment and did not try anything new.

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