Warhol Pop Art Project
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Color schemes
3 or more mistakes with color schemes and/or location.
Has 2 mistakes with color schemes and/or locations.
Either a color was wrong or a painting was placed in the wrong location.
All of the color schemes are correct and in the right location on the project.
Overall Execution
Paint was applied without effort and technique.
Colors are incorrect and the paint technique needs improvement.
All of the colors are correct but the painting could use better technique for paint application.
The paintings were all well rendered with the correct colors and good techniques for painting.
Followed Directions
The project did not follow the directions and guidelines.
The project has 2 problems with the proper directions.
The project has 1 problem with the outlined directions.
All of the directs were followed in order.
The project looks careless and rushed.
The project is creased or has many splatters of paint.
A few splatters of paint or creases in the paper.
Neat and clean.
Effort/On Time
Always having problems staying on task in class or cleaning up. Project is 3 days late.
Consistently has problems using the classtime wisely and cleaning up. The project is 2 days late.
A few times the classtime was not used well or the work area was not clean enough. The project is 1 day late.
Uses the classtime wisely every day, cleans up the work area and turned in the project on time.

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