AP English Rubric
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-less than 2 pages -unclear handwriting (if handwritten) -if the poem is less than half the page- it must contain two different poems on same page.
-At least three pages -handwriting is okay -the poem is less than 3/4 of the page.
-five pages -handwriting is clear -the poem is more than 3/4 of the page
-lousy spelling -lots of run on sentences -unclear sentences -lousy word choice -improper use of punctuation
-okay spelling -several run on sentences -vague sentences -okay word choice -shows improper use of punctuation but not always.
-good spelling -no run on sentences -clear sentences -good word choice -shows proper use of punctuation
-bland expression -shows no attempt -simple use of ideas -no idea or voice -when you go HUH?!
-the expression is there but not really the writer -shows eh attempt in the writing like Main Character does with his "know it all" brain -ideas are some good some pointless -idea and voice is there but sounds like a stranger -when you go EH....
-very expressive -shows AMAZING attempt like 2ndary characters -ideas are WOW! -voice and idea is like like the shining author -when you go WOW! this is so better than mine. (which is always)
-has no real concrete detail -shows no descriptive details -information is presented sloppily at best.
-has some concrete detail -shows some good descriptions -information is better organized, but does not flow
-has great concrete detail -attempts to describe every aspect of the article -information is neatly organized and flows nicely from one sentence to the next

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