Acrostic Using Figurative Language
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CONTENT (focus on topic)
The main idea is not clear. There is a seemingly random collection of information.
Main idea is somewhat clear, but there is a need for more supporting information.
Main idea is clear but the supporting information is general.
There is a one clear, well-focused topic. Main idea stands out and is supported by detailed information.
CONVENTIONS (spelling/grammar)
Poem contains more than 4 errors in grammar or spelling.
Poem contains 3- 4 errors in grammar or spelling.
Poem contains 1 -2 errors in grammar or spelling.
Poem contains no errors in grammar or spelling.
There is no use of figurative language in the poem, thus indicating a lack of understanding about metaphors.
Some figurative language appears as if it was intended to be used, thus indicating understanding of definition. However, the figurative language is not fully developed.
Figurative language is present, but there are less than 3 examples of the required items.
Full understanding and application of figurative language is evident.
Poem does not have illustrations or color.
Poem was illustrated but was not visually pleasing, may or may not include color. Sloppy.
Poem was nicely illustrated.
Poem was very well illustrated and creative.
Many words are unreadable and sloppy.
Poem is generally readable, but the reader has to exert quite a bit of effort to figure out some of the words.
Poems is neatly written. May include with 1 or 2 distracting corrections (e.g.., Dark cross-outs, bumpy whiteout, words written over).
Poem is neatly written.

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