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Comic strip does not adequately describe scene; mood or feeling is left out.
Comic strip scene is complete, but important elements of story are still missing.
Comic book is complete and scene elements are evident; better choices would have provided more clarity.
Comic book scene is complete, elements are evident, and choices were made to carefully represent scene's theme and mood.
Does not 'look' like a comic strip; scene is poorly visualized and color is lacking (and missed).
Effort is more evident; however, scene still appears 'unfinished' creatively -- color is missed in viewing.
Effort and creative choices are clear, but some choices may have been less desirable in attempt to portray scene.
Scene is portrayed beautifully, color may or may not have been used (but was not missed), overall effect adds to, instead of taking from, the mood.
Written Component
Component is not true to scene and choices reflect poor understanding.
Written portion requires more work and/or 'tweaking' to reflect scene themes and moods.
Written work is true to scene, but mood made be lacking; overall themes are not as evident.
Written work is true to scene and there is no confusion between character and words; choices reflect scene's mood and themes.
Project was handed in very late, or spelling and grammar are poor, or project is incomplete.
Project was on time, but there were multiple spelling and grammar errors. Project could have used more effort or time for completion.
Project was on time. There are only a few spelling or grammar errors. Project appears to be done to the best of the authors' abilities.
Project was handed in early, or there are no spelling or grammar errors. Project goes above and beyond expectations.
Uses Evaporation and Condensation as Character Names. Also includes 2 other characters in the comic strip.
Uses only one of the characters evaporation or condensation.
Uses two or more characters but does not have both evaporation and condensation.
Uses Evaporation, Condensation, and one other Character.
Uses Evaporation, Condensation, and two other Characters
Somehow gives or implies the definitions of the words evaporation and condensation. Uses words to describe these things.
Does not really stick to definitions, does not make sense.
Only defines one of the words.
Only defines one word but does not write it out in words.
Defines both words within the comic strip.
Uses color and creativity. Drawing is neat, and has written words explaining the comic strip
Only uses color but is not creative, neat, and explains it well.
Only uses color and creativity, but is not neat, and no explanation.
Only uses color, creativity, is neat, but no explanation.
Uses all four color, creativity, is neat and explained well.

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