English Grammar & Writing Skills
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Fluency in reading, vocabulary and idioms usage in sentences, sentence formation
Can read but long pauses,should increase the word bank..need to make sentences more
Finds reading easy, words bank is increasing, showing quality progress in sentence formation
Reads with interests,uses different words in the sentences, word bank is swelling
Flare for reading, capable of using words in the sentences easily, appreciable performance
Proper formation of words, clarity in writing, developing their individual style of writing, everyday practice of one page writing at home.
Words still not formed the way taught hence improvement slow...lots of practice required
Child is able to form words with ease and writing is improving...
Child is writing clear words and is developing his own style.
Commendable efforts put in by the child and the parents...writing beautifully
Interest, interaction in class, retentively of the topics
Shows little interest need to sit at home to revise the lessons taught in school.
Need to develop inquisitiveness towards the topic, more revision required at home
Interacts in class, shows interest and does research work too.
His shown remarkable progress....should keep his interest going...very good effort
Soft skills
Has to develop patience and concentration
Has picked up the topics and trying to express his thoughts on the same.
Showed great interest and inquisitiveness in the class...need to keep revising.
Has been the star of the class....has interest and patience to sit through and grasp the in- depth meaning
Emotional wellness and mental alertness
Need to develop bonding and social etiquette
Emotional but in control need to open up and speak more....parents need to spend more happy time together
Lovely child with lots of emotions need to be more cuddled and loved and appreciated.
Emotionally healthy and mentally agile.....happy child .....

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