Good Reads Presentation
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Focus on Authenticity: How does the information relate to you?
Mentioned personal link, little else.Thin descriptions.
Identified more than one way listed books met personal criteria.
Each item had at least one link to experience. Analysis evident
Each book explained with detail. Personal attachment obvious to audience.
Selection of high-quality and relevant materials.
Book list incomplete and somewhat adherent to criteria.
Book selections meet criteria.No award-winning titles on list.
Some books on list have won or been nominated for awards. Other criteria met.
Books selected fit criteria on multiple levels. Each book has won or been nominated for an award.
Effective and grade-level appropriate summary accompanies presentation.
Summary handwritten. Writing lacks clarity and purpose.
Word document completed. Errors in writing evident. Low readability.
Word document completed with few errors. Readability grade-level appropriate.
Word document completed with no errors in writing conventions. Readability above grade-level expectations.
Power Point and accompanying Book Talk Presentation effective and engaging.
Incomplete PPP and thin description of book list during Book Talk.
PPP complete and functional. Book Talk complete but lacking clarity or enthusiasm.
PPP effective. Book Talk complete with effective communication.
PPP engaging and informative. Book Talk informative and enthusiastic.

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