Heroic Heroes
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Students will recall characteristics about fictional and non-fictional heroes, then compare and contrast these characteristics using a Venn diagram.
Student is unable to define characteristics of fictional and non-fictional heroes.
Student is able to define characteristics of either fictional heroes or non-fictional heroes, not both.
Student is able to define characteristics of fictional and non-fictional heroes and is able to put information in Venn Diagram but doesn't see the concept of possible traits over lapping on Venn Diagram.
Student clearly understands the different characteristics of the fiction and nonfiction heroes and can display information on Venn Diagram as well as possible over laps.
Students will describe their characteristics of heroes and they will give examples of their heroes.
Student can only give 1 example of a heroic characteristic and doesn't have an example of a hero.
Student can explain 2-4 characteristics of a hero and at least one example of a hero.
Student can explain 5+ characteristics of a hero and 2-3 examples of heroes.
Student can explain 6+ characteristics of a hero and can give 4-6 examples of heroes.
Student will demonstrate their knowledge of heroes and heroic deeds by searching for the characteristics of their own chosen hero in order to compose research.
Student doesn't have a heroic hero in order to do research on.
Student has a heroic hero chosen, but doesn't understand the characteristics that make that person a hero.
Student has heroic hero chosen and knows at least 1-2 characteristics of the hero to start off research.
Student has heroic hero chosen and knows 3-5 characteristics of the hero,and was able to start research immediately.
Student will demonstrate their understanding by creating posters with information of the heroic hero they have chosen and done their research on.
Student has done no research but started their poster.
Student has done some research and has 1/4 of the poster board with information.
Student has researched a good amount of information and over half of the poster board is done.
Student has researched a lot of information, very detailed and the poster board is completely done.
Student will exhibit their comprehension of what they have learned about their chosen hero through project presentation. They will also further assess another student's presentation.
Student doesn't display comprehension nor listen to other students' presentations.
Student has a little comprehension of a heroic hero, and listens to a few other students.
Student comprehends most of the characteristics of a heroic hero and listens to most students' present.
Student displays a great deal of comprehension on heroic heroes and listens and takes notes of every student presenting.

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