Homonyms for Dummies
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Recognizing homonyms in other people's writing
Student has no recognition of homonyms at all, correctly guessing 0-2 of the answers on the worksheet correctly.
Student begins to understand homonyms and answers 3-5 on the in class worksheet correctly
Student grasps the concept of homonyms greatly but only gets 6-8 of the questions on the in class worksheet correctly.
Correctly answered 9 or 10 of the in class examples and could easily differentiate between the different meanings of the words.
Use of homonyms within the students' own writing
Student may have used one or two homonyms that we discussed in class in the paragraph but shows no outside work from the resources online. Short 1-3 sentence paragraph.
Student used many of the homonyms we discussed in class but still showed no outside resources being used. 3-7 sentence paragraph.
Student used many (7-9) homonyms from the Internet but still included one or two from class in their paragraph. Lengthy paragraph (7-10 sentences)
Student used at least ten different homonyms in their paragraph and included at least five new words that were not discussed in class. Student used good examples and had a lengthy (7-10 sentence) paragraph.
Paragraph Evaluation
Paragraph was written very sloppily, short (only a couple sentences), and did not meet the requirements for using homonyms. Had many grammatical errors and overall didn't make sense.
Poorly organized paragraph but decent in length (4-6 sentences). Used many of the same homonyms we discussed in class but only one or two that were found online. Paragraph did not make much sense.
Well organized paragraph. Only a few grammatical errors, but used more than five homonyms that were discussed in class. Decent paragraph length (5-8 sentences)
Neatly and well organized paragraph, no grammatical errors and used at least ten homonyms that were discussed in class or found on the Internet Great sentence structure and great length (7-10 sentences).
Student uses class time appropriately and was respectful during other presentations.
Student was off task during work time. Finished work quickly and disrupted others during their work time. During the classmates' presentations the student was disrespectful and disruptive.
Student finished work quickly and disrupted fellow classmates. Disruptive during a good amount of classmates' presentations.
Student was on task while writing their paragraph. Disrupted only a few of their classmates during presentations.
Student was on task during class. If they finished their paper early they worked on other things quietly until the rest of the class was done. They were quiet and participated during their classmates' presentations

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