Introduction Speech
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Are there any holes or visible stains on the speaker's clothing?
For Women: Designer jeans or slacks, clean sneakers though slip-ons are preferred, a blouse without graphics or a sweater. For Men: Designer jeans or slacks, clean sneakers though Oxfords are preferred, a casual button shirt without graphics or a sweater.
For Women: Hair is styled so it is out of the face (bun or single braid preferred). For Men: If facial hair is kept, it is tidy and styled accordingly and cleanly prior to the speech.
Breath and nails are both accommodated for to ensure the highest potential of positive results in face to face interaction during networking opportunities post-speech.
Has the focus of the speech been established prior to delivery?
Have cue notes been composed to aid during the speech process?
Immediately prior to the speech, are all necessary materials present and accounted for?
Did the orator evaluate the speech environment in terms of its suitability for the address?
Is the volume of the speaker's voice loud enough to be audible but soft enough to be pleasant to the audience?
Was the speaker able to utilize an appropriate tone and formality according to register of the audience?
Did the speaker utilize pleasantries to create an appropriately inviting tone for the audience?
Is the sequencing of information provided in the speech orderly, creating a natural flow from one subtopic to the next?
Has the speaker established an adequate amount of background knowledge in relation to the scope of the speech topic?
Did the speaker integrate the research appropriately into their speech?
Are all sources accounted for in terms of appropriate citational and referential credit?
Did the speaker include a moment of "for further inquiry" for their audience relative to the sources?
Was the speaker able to appropriately adjust to the tone of the audience?
If the speaker lost themselves in regard to the order of information in their notes, were they able to recover?
During the question and answer period, was the speaker able to appropriately respond to the inquiries posed?
After the culmination of the speeches, did the speaker show an enthused approach to networking with those around them?

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