Legends Rubric
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Time Efficiency
Little to no work done within a timely matter. Work seems unorganized and there is very little information.
Some work done in a somewhat timely manner. Work seems to have taken some time. Enough information to show that work was done.
A good amount of work completed showing that time was used wisely. Notes show that the student worked efficiently.
Work shows that time was used wisely and there is adequate information about subjects. Journal log shows that the student was focused and completed a decent amount of the project for that day.
Little to no information about subject. Information is not clear and not very adequate.
Some but not enough information. Very little about the topic and no supported information found.
A decent amount of information. Some information is unclear but most is understandable. There is a sufficient amount of information to show that time was used wisely while working.
There is a generous amount of work done to show that the student was working efficiently. Little to no misunderstandings with the information gathered.
Journal Entries
Very little or no journal entries to show the work that the student has completed. Nothing to show how timely things were done.
Some entries with very little information about time efficiency and the work that was done to complete the project.
A decent amount of entries that show the student used their time wisely and was working at a decent pace.
All entries were completed and show that the student used their time wisely. The entry states all of the completed work for that day and how long it took to finish.
No organizational structure. Information is scattered everywhere and is not clear and easy to read.
Some organization but is still hard to read. Information is somewhat together and somewhat understandable.
The information is organized and easy to read and understand. All information is accessible and is pleasing to look at.
All organization is well thought out and is easy to read. Information is easy to access and is in a well thought out manner.
Final Project
No final project with no information and nothing to show for the work you have done.
Final project has little to no information and was not completed.
Final project has information that is substantially correct. The project was well thought out and was somewhat completed.
The final project was fully completed and has all of the information is correct. The slides are easy to read and pleasing to look at.

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