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Organization of Board
The board is unorganized, certain pieces of info are scattered along the project.
The board is a little bit organized, and has less info scattered.
The board is averagely organized, and the information is well put.
The board is very neat, readers can easily find information about the board.
The info doesn't make sense, and\or does not share enough detail, no sources.
The info makes a little sense, but may need some more detail in certain topics, or needs more work in explanation, needs more sources.
The info make sense, has a good amount of detail, and may need a little bit more detail to back up, and info is referred from different sources.
The info has a great amount of detail, and uses sources respectively.
Grammar & Spelling
Needs work on grammar, contains lots of misspelled words, and few compete sentences.
Has some grammar mistakes, could improve on spelling, and fewer sentence fragments.
Has little spelling mistakes, little grammar mistakes, and has almost no fragments.
Little or not at all mistakes or fragments, and uses good amount of word use.
Contains only text boxes less media.
Contains little media, but needs more work.
Contains a good amount of media, giving captions for the images and\or videos.
Contains a great amount of media, and keeping in mind about length of video and how it fits with each topic.
Process of making the project.
Barely keeps track of time, doesn't work on project all the time, poor use of work time, may do it "on the last minute."
Needs to keep track of time a little bit more, needs to work on project a little bit more, a slightly better use of work time.
Fairly keeps track of work , time usage, and takes his project seriously.
Always keeps track of time, work, and is always working on project.

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